Friday, December 28, 2012


After playing for some years in a slowcore band i’ve decided that it was time to move to something different. The music started of as post-rock and slowcore orientated music but slowly evolved into more abstract and minimal music. In search of the possibilities of the guitar I started to play guitar with a violin bow more an more often. After spending 2 years experimenting with sound, I’ve started collaborating with experimental guitarist Romke Kleefstra and poet Jan Kleefstrra. This collaboration resulted in a few gigs and a record called ‘Wink’ which was released in 2009 at Apollolaan Recordings. After the release of Wink more gigs followed, including some gigs in England, Germany and Japan.  In March 2012 a second release followed at Low Point(Griis), again a collaboration with the Kleefstra brothers
In 2010 i decided to do something fully on my own. The result of this proces of experimenting over these few years is  'Weerzien'.

In september 2013 ‘Tussenlicht’ was released. Again at the british Somehow Recordings label.

In februari 2014  'Reminiscences' followed. This time on the Moscow based label Dronarivm.